Be Yourself

There are so many apparent opportunities that come our way.  It seems that when it rains these little nuggets of chance that it pours them.  It’s easy to see each one as the “big break” that we’ve been looking for even when something nags at us that it may not be what we really need.  Trust that feeling and step back to assess who you really are and what you were meant to be doing.

Much of the time, the propensity to chase after these apparent opportunities stems from us simply not being ourselves.  Maybe we think it’s an easy path to money or notoriety and perhaps we see it as a way to impress others.  It may even carry a certain amount of prestige, but what will it matter if it makes us miserable?

I have had many such occasions for businesses, partnerships, boards, etc.  I thought I would be able to make money, network, be prestigious, or even have others think that I am impressive.  The problem is, the ones that I said yes to that didn’t fit who I really am (which was most of them) only led to me being stressed because I didn’t enjoy what I was doing.  Sometimes I wasn’t even equipped to do it and that made it even worse.

You are you.  That’s who you are.  That’s who you always will be.  Don’t fight it.  You have an amazing set of skills that only you have.  There are things that come easily to you that the rest of us could only dream of doing.  You may not think that they are so special or important, but we do.  You are part of a much bigger plan and without your specific contributions, the whole thing can never come together.

So just be yourself.  Sure, always be in the pursuit of self improvement and strive each day to be a little more compassionate, a little more mindful, a little more loving.  But grow within the framework of who you are.  Be honest with yourself and live so that by being your true self you can change the world.  You’re the only one who can.


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