Hymn of Acxiom

Imagine: the perfect life (whatever that means for you) falls on your lap from the great beyond.  You never have to work for anything again.  All that you want out of life just comes easily to you and everything you touch turns to gold.  How great would that be!?  Or would it?

Life requires intentionality.  If you do not live life, life lives you.  Would you really be satisfied if whatever you want (or think you want) just comes easily?  I would be willing to venture that you would lose that sense of accomplishment that comes from arriving at the finish line sweaty, maybe a little bloodied, and very tired, but having the assurance that you did everything necessary to get you to where you are.

Music always moves me and often reminds me of the truths of life.  It reminds me that there is great pain, occasional defeat, but also great beauty and elation when hard work pays off and dreams are realized.  This song by Vienna Teng brings me back to the reality that life requires a series of conscious decisions that, when acted upon, form who we are and what we accomplish.  If we don’t have intentionality in crafting our lives, our habits, our goals, and our path, then we will get whatever is handed to us and become “enslaved” by our choices and the life that results from them.

Now go and make good choices!  Make a plan that has measurable tasks and goals that form a clear path to your destination.  Have visions, dream dreams, and live intentionally so that you can look back over the path and truly say that this is YOUR life and YOU made it happen!  If you need helping finding your purpose, forming a plan, or taking next steps, use the contact tab or visit me at http://www.fslifeservices.com.


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